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The General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) is a standard list of codes that you use to prepare your financial statements. All corporations (except for insurance corporations) should prepare their financial statement information using the GIFI codes and file it with their T2 returns. Non-resident corporations can use the GIFI codes when they are reporting in unconsolidated Canadian funds.


If the FASTA/Q file is very large, please switch on flag -m/--md5, which use MD5 instead of original seqs to reduce memory usage when comparing by sequences. You can also deduplicate according to sequence ID (default) or full name ( --by-name ).


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seqs gifi
SeqKit uses authors lightweight and high-performance bioinformatics packages bio for FASTA/Q parsing, which has high performance close to the famous C lib klib (kseq.h). Seqkit calls pigz (much faster than gzip) or gzip to decompress.gz file if they are available. So please install pigz to gain better parsing performance for gzipped data.

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seqs gifi
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seqs gifi
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