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Sex in the real world isnt perfect, and it doesnt always end with an earth-shattering climax -- but it doesnt have to, Levkoff says. "Good sex doesnt necessarily have to be about an orgasm.

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Even good lovers can fall into bad habits sometimes. These six habits may signal that youre missing out, when you could be blissing out, during sex.Changing them can get your sex life humming

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Sex is not bad or good. Do not try to put morals to a natural process. Sex is not bad, but sex addiction is. Because, addiction makes the Life limited and slavery. Sex is a process through which reproduction and Life happens. Sex is given by the N

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Despite what you may have heard, edging isnt bad for you. This technique is also known as orgasm control. Although its more commonly used among people who have a penis, anyone can benefit from it.

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When we say maintenance sex, we mean having sex just to have it, even if you don’t feel like doing it. It means keeping the sex up to ensure both people in the relationship are sexually satisfied.

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Bad definition is - failing to reach an acceptable standard : poor. How to use bad in a sentence.

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Bad sex is bad sex, good sex is good sex. The definitions have been made and set in stone. You have a checklist that needs checking off. There’s something so… clinical and disheartening about it. In some ways, I wish every time could feel like the first time. I mean, except it would be longer, nicer, and no one would have Cheeto breath.